Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Imported Bru: The Life Of A Walk-on

FOX Sports Wisconsin Girls I changed the technique of my shot 2-3 times throughout my career. I became obsessed with refining the technique and making sure the rotation was perfect and my release was high enough . . . etc. I spent many afternoons and evenings in the Kohl Center's Nicholas Johnson Pavilion practice gym frustrated and exhausted, trying to perfect my shot. I hit an unbelievable shooting streak during my third year. I had an airball in about 10 straight practices during our 5-on-5 possessions (no exaggeration -- still has to be a record). Following an offseason of re-tooling my shooting technique, with tens of thousands of shots, this was particularly frustrating. I eventually realized that instead of shooting the ball to make the shot, I was shooting the ball to have perfect form. Finally, before my senior year, with the help of the coaching staff, I realized I just had to trust in myself and be confident with my jump shot. I still spent a great deal of time after practice, after conditioning workouts or on off-days shooting in the gym, but I went back to the basics and focused on just letting my shot fly. For my senior season, coach Ryan and the assistant coaches had faith in me and gave me the opportunity to play some significant minutes in some big games for the Badgers. I was lucky enough to reach my goal. I had built up a lot of confidence over the years practicing and playing, so I wasn't really nervous when I went in. Nonetheless, as I checked in, I definitely knew that however long I'd be in the game, I'd remember the minutes for a long time. It was a dream come true to get these minutes, especially when I was able to make a play or hit a three to help us win (I explicitly mention 3s because I didn't attempt a 2-pt field goal my senior year).
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