Monday, February 17, 2014

sad Love Stories That Made People Cry

Watching sad love stories is what most women like to do. This is something that boys do not understand because of the fact that most of them just love to see something funny and could brighten up their day. But sometimes, there are guys that also try to watch novels converted into movies that are made up of a plot that would get their hearts crushing in tears even if they are not literally crying. The ability of movie makers and story writers to control the minds of people with their stories is always most likely to happen because most of these stories reflect real life.

Of all the sad romantic story movies that I watched, there's only two that left a really strong mark in my head and heart. It's not only me who said this – based on people's reviews about lonely stories these two always gets the first two ranks. Titanic is known to be a sad plot based on a real situation that happened a couple of years ago when the ship was hit to an iceberg and caused it to shrink. This is where the sad happening took place when two lovers in that big boat had to depart just to make the other one survive. It was so self-sacrificial that the guy never cared about losing his life just as long as the woman would. The next one would be A Walk to Remember. It was a sad story of a pastor's daughter who died of Lukemia which led to leaving the guy sad in his life. It was very heart touching that it brought so many viewers to tears.

If you've watched any of these two sad love stories, you will surely be able to relate to how sad they were and may possibly even agree with me. These sad romantic story ranks that I've made did not just come from my opinion alone but also from a lot more numerous people who have watched it.

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